Open Cloud MDM is an open-source platform for self-integrating applications, guaranteeing seamless integration with traditional software products and legacy systems.


Inconsistent Data Mazes

In an era where data is the new gold, mastering and integrating Master Data Management (MDM) is not just necessary — it's a strategic imperative.

HubDock was conceived to address two pressing challenges in this domain:

01 Data Integration

Today's traditional software products inevitably lead to distributed MDM systems, resulting in a fragmented and inconsistent master data landscape.

This fragmentation presents increasingly costly technical and organizational challenges for businesses globally.

02 AI and BI Efficiency

When data is scattered and inconsistent, it resembles more of a swamp than a treasure.

The structure and reliability of your data are crucial for enhancing the effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies.

Today's 'Maze Dilemma'

Organizations worldwide are confronted with a dilemma: They must either navigate through maze-like problems or resort to costly, vendor-specific integration, MDM, and Data Mesh solutions that risk compromising their flexibility and scalability.

The Solution: A New Generation of MDM and Business Solutions

Open Cloud MDM is a standardized, open-source platform tailored for Master Data Management. It ensures operational excellence by allowing applications to self-integrate seamlessly, much like plugging in a USB device, facilitating effortless connections with both traditional and legacy software systems.


Establishing an Ecosystem Where Each Stakeholder Wins

Forging Alliances – Unleashing Potential

The Open Cloud MDM Alliance (OCMA) stands at the forefront of addressing these challenges. By bringing together software vendors, organizations, and companies, OCMA fosters the creation of HubDock — a partnership-driven ecosystem enriched with synergy that benefits all stakeholders while adhering to the 'Hub and Dock Open Industry Standard' for Master Data Management (MDM).

At its core, HubDock is about transcending traditional boundaries, offering value to every participant, from innovative startups to established enterprises.

This inclusive approach not only serves to unify the industry but also propels digital transformation, equipping businesses of all sizes to thrive amidst the complexities of the digital era.


Crafting the Core of Operational Excellence

OCMA's transformative strategy combines the 'Hub' — serving as the operational nexus to centralize and customize master data — with the 'Dock', which guarantees seamless integration with 'plug and play applications' and external systems, reminiscent of a 'USB port', through a standardized architecture.

At the core of our mission, the open-source 'Hub and Dock Open Cloud MDM' is committed to promoting operational excellence, forming the foundational pillar of our ecosystem.


Pioneering Plug-and-Play Business Solutions

Innovation is the cornerstone of our second goal. We aim to develop a comprehensive suite of business solutions that effortlessly 'dock' to the 'Hub', similar to how USB sticks connect to a USB port. This pioneering approach simplifies and enhances various business processes, facilitating a smoother path to operational efficiency.

Our vision is to make operations as intuitive as plugging in a USB device, with solutions crafted by our expert software vendor partners.


Empowering Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation

At the forefront of HubDock's agenda is the empowerment of Industry 4.0 and the acceleration of digital transformation across different sectors.

Envision a world where advanced technologies integrate seamlessly with the 'Hub', serving as the operational core.

This integration is emblematic of our commitment to optimizing operations, ensuring businesses remain ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Unified Integration

A One-Stop-Store in a fragmented world, crafted by collective wisdom.

By bridging the gap between the old and new, we bring legacy systems into the fold, seamlessly integrating them with traditional software products and modern 'plug and play' solutions.

The HUB, the DOCK, and the STORE epitomize a synergy of integration, diversity, flexibility, and innovative solutions.

Customizable Backbone for Operations

The Hub maintains data consistency and offers flexibility by integrating custom data extensions and their associated rules.

As operational nexus it is responsible for a synchronized and cohesive data environment that fosters seamless interoperability and immediate collaboration.

Versatile Docking for Integrations

The Dock houses your 'plug and play' solutions acquired from the Store.

Additionally, it seamlessly integrates traditional software systems, like Salesforce, SAP, and QuickBooks, as well as legacy systems with the Hub, much like USB adaptors/connectors allow various devices to integrate with a central computer.

Curated Marketplace for Innovations

The Store serves as your marketplace for discovering and capitalizing on pioneering 'plug and play' solutions developed by our trusted software vendor partners.

It offers the flexibility to choose between on-premise and SaaS solutions, positioning you at the forefront of innovation.

Partner Program

Tailored Benefits

Companies & Enterprises

Future-Proof Your Business, Seize Data Control

  • Gain Influence & Flexibility: Shape the solutions you need for your tomorrow's requirements and release vendor shackles.
  • Operational Excellence & Scalability: Enhance operational effectiveness, boost efficiency, and flexibly adapt to market dynamics.
  • Data Sovereignty: Gain complete control over your data, ensuring reliability, and liberate yourself from traditional software constraints.

Software Vendors

Make Your Software Products 'Plug and Play'

  • Customer-Centric Products: Maximize user benefits. Develop and promote integrable software products.
  • Strategic Market Dominance: Tap into new target groups, showcase your innovations, outperform your competitors, and expand your reach.
  • Accelerate Time to Market: Utilize HubDock's open standard features and APIs for your product development and supercharge your service delivery.


Open MDM for Excellence

Find out more about the feasibility and impact of an open MDM industry standard. Download our white paper and the Open MDM project definition.


Join the Open Cloud MDM Alliance

Company Partner

Own your data and bring legacy systems into the fold, seamlessly integrating them with modern applications.

Tailor innovative solutions to your needs, reduce dependency on vendors, and boost operational efficiency.

Vendor Partner

Elevate your offerings to a new class of products. Be the solution your customers need, effortlessly integrating your products into complex application landscapes.

Offer seamless connectivity and superior functionality, addressing your customers' most pressing challenges.

Core Team

You know exactly what we are talking about, see the trail ahead, and know what to do?

Set new benchmarks, prepare for growing globally, and join the HubDock culture where remarkable professionals (like you) excel.


Unite with selected talents, seasoned experts, and top-tier developers as we tackle fundamental challenges for the benefit of many businesses globally.

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